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 1  Bradock Cove  75

 Windsor Place

 & Windsor II

 13  Tower Beach Club  76  Windsor Court
 37  Monarch  77  Hampton Place
 38  Sea Pines Beach Club  78 - 78A  Omni Resort
 52A  Alder Lane Beach Park  79A - 80  Captain’s Walk
 53 - 54  Grande Ocean  80A  Disney
 54A  Hilton Ocean Oaks  81  Villamare
 56  Ocean Club Villas  82 - 82A  Hilton Beachfront Resort
 56A  Seaside  83  Dunes House
 57A  Shorewood  94A  Hilton Head Resort
 58  Beachwood Place  97  Folly Creek
 58A  Ocean One  98  Burke’s Beach
 59  Beach House  100  Surf Watch
 59A  Coligny Beach Park  102  Driessen Beach Park
 60  Breakers  102A - 104  Beach & Tennis
 60A  Sea Crest  104A  Sea Cloisters
 72  Sonesta Resort/Shipyard  105  Folly Field Beach Park
 72A  Leamington Beach House  107A - 109A  Island Club
 73  South Shore  110 - 110A  Islander’s Beach Park
 73B  Somerset  110B  Barony Beach Club
 73C  Leamington  111 - 111A  Westin
 74   Barrington Court  123  Port Royal Beach Club
 74A Barrington Arms  134  Fish Haul Creek

Beach Marker Signs

Marker sign

Hilton Head’s beaches are marked with signs to let emergency responders know where anyone who needs help is on the beach. They are also useful to help you find your place if you are lost on the beach. It is helpful for everyone in your group to know the marker where you are staying, so that you can return on your own or tell beach patrol personnel so they can get you back to the right place.

The markers, shown in the picture, sit near the dune line and start at #1 at Braddock Cove in South Beach and go north to marker # 134 at Fish Haul Creek in Port Royal. The signs are placed approximately a tenth of a mile apart and at most beach access points. If the sign has a letter after the number, it is marking an access only and is not marking any distance. For example, marker 59A sits at the access to Coligny Beach Park, and falls between markers 59 and 60, which sit about a tenth of a mile apart. Some notable location are listed on the left.