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The 2022 South Atlantic Lifesaving Association (SALA) Regional Lifeguard Competition was held in Virginia Beach, Virginia in July. The two-day competition pitted 206 lifeguards from 12 beach patrol organizations from as far north as Virginia Beach, Virginia south to Jacksonville Beach, Florida against each other.   Shore Beach Service sent a team of 16 lifeguards, primarily determined by individual points in our local competition. 

In most events, men and women compete seperately.  "Open" events, are for competitors of any age, but primarily has athletes under age 30.  Most of Shore's team competed in the open events.    In the open events, points are awarded for any top 10 finish, with anyone in the top 5 earning a medal.  In the age groups, the top 3 places earn medals and points.

Overall, Hilton Head finished 3rd in the Large Beach division, with 152.25 points, our best finish at the SALA Competition.   Full rests can be found a salausla.org/lifesaving-sport




1 Jan Hanzal Men's Surf Swim
1 Taylor Smith Women's 30-34 Surf Swim
1 Greg Kohler Men's 30-34 Surf Swim
1 Alex Galbraith Men's 2K Run
1 Jan Hanzal Men's Run Swim Run
1 Taylor Smith Women's 30-34 Run Swim Run
1 Greg Kohler Men's 30-34 Run Swim Swim
1 Taylor Smith Women's 30-34 Beach Flags
2 Amadeusz Kielczewski Men's Surf Swim
2 Ben Bayless Men's 2K Run
2 Taylor Smith Women's 30-34 2K Run
2 Greg Kohler Men's 30-34 2K Run
2 Amadeusz Kielczewski Men's Run Swim Run
2 Kielczewski, Johnston, Smith, Vaz Cerbino Landline Rescue
3 Asberg, Dogger, Hanzal, Trost Landline Rescue
3 Hanzal, Johnston, Kielzewski, Trost Men's Rescue Race
3 Greg Kohler Men's 30-34 Beach Flags
5 Carolina Asberg Women's Run Swim Run
5 Leonardo Trevisan Men's Run Swim Run
6 Dogger, Richmond, Smith, Vaz Cerbino Women's Beach Relay
7 Taylor Smyth Women's Beach Flags
8 Alves, Clasby, Richmond Women's Rescue Race
10 Bayless, Galbraith, Pfeil, Trevisan Men's Recue Race







2022 Team Roster

2022 South Atlantic Lifesaving Association Competition
Shore Beach Service Team Roster
Name Points
Taylor Smith (11)
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Greg Kohler (5)
Lansing, Michigan
Aaron Johnston (2)
Harpers Ferry,West Virginia
Jan Hanzal (2)
Prague, Czechia
Larissa Alves (1)
Panama City, Panama
Carolina Asberg (1)
Bjarred, Sweden
Ben Bayless (1)
Cincinnati, Ohio
Orla Clasby (1)
New Paltz, New York
Annika Dogger (1)
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Alex Galbraith (1)
Cincinnati, Ohio
Amadeusz Kielczewski (1)
Szczecin, Poland
Braeden Pfeil(1)
Lansing, Michigan
Caitlyn Richmond (1)
Northampton, Massachusetts
Leonardo Trevisan (1)
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Aren Trost (1)
Emporia, Kansas
Alexandra Vaz Cerbino (1)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Number in parentheses denotes years on team