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Shore Beach Service started our Junior Lifeguard Program in thesummer of 2015.  We hope to continue restart the program in 2022 after a 2 year hiatus.Spinal 2 800x600


Our objective is to teach kids the value of water safety skills & physical fitness, while also educating them on various ocean conditions and marine wildlife found on Hilton Head Island. We provide a fun, safe place to grow, learn and build confidence while in the process teaching participants the importance of respecting themselves, others and the beach environment. This camp is also a great step for anyone who eventually wants to become a Hilton Head Island Beach Patrol lifeguard with Shore Beach Service.


Days consist of team building activities, workouts, and educational classes. Class sessions--most of which take place on the beach-- are geared towards informing kids of the various aspects of beach lifeguarding, first-aid, CPR, and marine wildlife. When they are not in class,  kids are be exposed to a wide range of physical activities. Our 2018 camps included a field trip for team building activities with Outside Hilton Head on Page Island.  We also train daily to demonstrate how lifeguards need to achieve physical fitness to accomplish ocean front duties. Team building activities will be lifeguarding related games that are geared to educate and have fun at the same time.   


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Camp Details

Our 2019 camps followed these guidelines which will have some changes


  • Sessions at Islanders Beach Park  from  8:30 - 12:30
  • We may add afternoon sessions to seperate age groups depending on demand.
  • We will spend a day with Outside Hilton Head on Page Island Wednesday of each week.  
  • Cost is $185 per participant per session. Repeat sessions are $170.
  • Participants must be able to complete a 100 yard swim & tread water for 2 minutes. Test sessions held at Island Rec Center prior to the week of camp.
  • Participants will receive a Junior Lifeguard T-shirt that they must wear throughout the week. Additional shirts can be purchased for $15 each.
  • Campers will become a United States Lifesaving Association Junior member.


Parent Testimonials

“Best. Camp. Ever. Living at the beach, our kids can't know enough about water safety.  This camp is a fantastic foundation for all local kids, Shore Beach Service made it fun and interesting and we can't wait to do it again!”-Lori Lucas

 "The Junior Lifeguard camp was a great combination of education, fitness and fun! The camp was extremely well-organized and provided lots of great safety information in a fun environment. The lifeguard counselors were dynamic and professional, and made sure the kids loved every minute of it! We highly recommend it!"-Elise Simons 


  "I signed my two middle school boys up for the camp without consulting them first.  They didn’t really want to go but promised me they’d try it and have a positive attitude.  Both came home from camp and loved it! Each of them said it was the best part of their day and each day they came home, they said that day was better than the day before.   Kevin, Hannah and Taylor were fantastic.  The camp was very well organized and not only was it fun, but educational as well.  Thank you for a great week!" -Christina Galbreath-Gonzalez