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The 2018 South Atlantic Lifesaving Association (SALA) Regional Lifeguard Competition kicked off July 11th on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Nags Head. The two-day competition pitted 240 lifeguards from 12 beach patrol organizations from as far north as Virginia Beach, Virginia south to Jacksonville Beach, Florida against each other.   Shore Beach Service sent a team of 13 lifeguards, determined by individual points in our local competition. 
Landline team

In most events, men and women compete seperately.  "Open" events, are for competitors of any age, but primarily has athletes under age 30.  Most of Shore's team competed in the open events.  The exception was Scott Ohlson, who competed in the 30-34 age group for individual events.   In the open events, points are awarded for any top 10 finish, with anyone in the top 5 earning a medal.  In the age groups, the top 3 places earn medals and points.  

The first day of competition mostly consists of several relay event preliminaries.  Shore was able to get Landline and Surf Rescue Race teams through to the finals.    Beach Flags was the first day's final event. Taylor Smith a former Wisconsin-LaCrosse swimmer did not disappoint, snagging 5th place.  This was Smith's fouth consecutive year medaling in the ultra-competitive event. 

Day two of competition was a full of excitement for the HHI team.  Eleonora Unanova, a Henderson State swimmer from Ukraine raced to a 3rd place finish in the Surf Swim.  Brazilian swimmer Gabriel Miranda of Delta State nearly matched Unanaova, taking 4th in the men's Surf Swim.  Miranda had the lead until a huge wave carried 3 swimmers past him as they approached the finish line.  Later, Unanova barely missed another medal, racing to 6th in the Run-Swim-Run.

Guys surf rescueMiranda and Unanova would continue to help earn points for Shore in the relay finals.  The first relay final for Shore was the Landline Rescue Race.  In the Landline race, the victim is placed at a flagline approximately 150 meters offshore.  The rescuer is strapped to a line, and swims to the victim when the race starts. Upon reaching the victim, the victim is clipped to a rescue tube attached to the line.  The rescuer lowers then lowers the flag, alerting the 2 pullers to pull.  The victim can kick, and the rescuer can swim, but the pullers do most of the work.   When they approach the beach, the pullers and rescuer carry the victim across the finish line. Shore's Landline team of Miranda (rescuer) Leah Dupre (victim), Aaron Johnston (puller) and Iranian  Arsham Mirzaei, a Limestone College Swimmer (puller) captured 3rd in the event.  It was Shore's highest finish ever in the Landline Rescue Race.

Surf Swim 2nd 800x625The Swim Rescue Race was up next for Shore's relay teams.  The race consists of a victim, a rescue swimmer, and 2 rescuers.   At the start, the victim swims to a flag approximately 150 meters offshore and signals the rescue swimmer upon reaching the flag.  The rescue swimmer races to the victim, clips the victim in the rescue tube, and races back to the beach.  When they near shore, the rescuers carry the victim across the finish line.   The Shore men's team of Parker Whitley (victim), Miranda (rescue swimmer), Johnston and Ohlson (rescuers) were barely edged out for 1st place, taking 2nd, Shore's best ever finish for men.   Not to be out done, the women's team of Evansville swimmer Kayla Aitken (victim), Unanova (rescue swimmer) and Laine McIntyre (rescuer) teamed with of Charleston County's Lauren Cox (rescuer) to match the men's 2nd place finish, wrapping up and exciting afternoon.

As a team, Shore's lifeguards had 9 top ten finishes, including 6 medals. The 63.5 points earned Hilton Head 10th place.  Eleonora Unanova led Shore 16.5 point, while Gabriel Miranda led the men with 12.75 points.




Team Roster

2019 South Atlantic Lifesaving Association Competition
Shore Beach Service Team Roster
Name Points
Scott Ohlson (10)
McCook, Nebraska
Taylor Smith (9)
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Justin Tournabono (5)
London, Ontario, Canada
Jake Dummermuth (3)
Dover, Ohio
Tian Siggins (3)
Stanley, North Carolina
Parker Whitley(3)
Stanley, North Carolina
Andrew Fitzpatrick (2)
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Gabriel Miranda (2)
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mike Wagner (2)
Barrington, Illinois
Chelsea Borrowdale (1)
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Will Dvorsky (1)
Overland Park, Kansas
Melissa Fichtner (1)
Toms River,  New Jersey
Danyill, Gayuk (1)
Donetsk, Ukraine
Kaitlyn Hansen(1)
Sarasota, Florida
Griffin Huber (1)
Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Matheus Isidro (1)
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dylan Keer (1)
Broomall, Pennsylvania
Amanda Mascia (1)
Chester, Virginia
Valeria Uvarova (1)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Number in parentheses denotes years on team 

 20171117 104720

Girls Comp team

  For complete results and finishes please visit the South Atlantic Lifesaving Association website www.salausla.org